Espresso Drinks Non-Coffee

Mocha (Dark or White)
Espresso with white satin syrup or dark sweet chocolate syrup, steamed milk, topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

Café Brevo
Espresso with steamed half & half decadent.

Café Latté
Espresso with steamed milk and dollup of froth.

Espresso with 1/2 steamed milk and 1/2 froth.

Espresso with hot water. (Smooth)

Double or single shot, straight up.

Sweet and full of spice. This Indian tea is served hot or with cold milk.

Your choice of syrup and steamed milk. Very warming.

Hot Cocoa
Dutch cocoa with steamed milk. (coffee is our strong point, we rely on the dutch for good cocoa)

Hot Tea
We have many loose leaf tea choices. They change regularly.

Italian Soda
Your choice of flavor syrup with carbonated water. Have it old fashioned or make it an italian cream soda.

French Soda
An Italian soda with whipped cream.

Frosty Mocha, Four Berry, Strawberry Bannana or Mango.

FYI: All of our espresso beverages can be served hot or cold. We also offer an assortment of baked goods each day.
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